Localizing video content can cost a fortune. Why not save that money for something else?Localizing video content is a time-consuming process – taking up your energy and cash! We’re here to show how you could benefit from AI-powered dubbing in solving these issues!
What will the demo include?
We’ll talk about the most common issues with video content localization and how Neurodub addresses these.
We’ll show you what makes Neurodub’s AI stand out from others and how we use this technology to deliver great quality.
We'll find the best solution for your business and arrange a demo for you to decide.
Recent reviews of our customers
We’ve reduced our content creation process to a few days instead of months. Isn’t that amazing?
Boris VedenskyCEO at Droider
With the help of Neurodub, we got the translated subtitles, verified the translation quality during the working day by our team in Angola, incorporated edits, and compiled the video clips. And this whole process took less than one day!
Yangohi-tech african taxi
How It WorksLocalize your videos into 70+ languages easily!
You send us your video in any formatAnd we identify which option suits you best
Neurodub works its magic
We correct the final voice-over
Job Done!
You send us your video in any formatAnd we identify which option suits you best
Neurodub works its magicWe make the translation and review it with experts if necessary
We correct the final voice-overWe implement any corrections suggested by our professional reviewers – and make the corrected voice-over.
Job Done!Watch your translated video in the interface or download it
You send us one single video – we send back several, in multiple languages.Localize your videos into 70+ languages quickly and easily!
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The demo will be presented byWe are a team of people who are passionate about uniting the world
Dimitri KonovalovCBDO
Irina DivnogortsevaHead of Media Business Development
Elena ChernyshevaChief Product Officer
Olga SuvorovaHead of Localization & Human Touch Platform
Nadya SterhovaSenior Business Development Manager
What would I use Neurodub for?
Customer Training
Make sure your customers get the most out of your services, wherever they are in the world, by educating with how-to videos (and other formats) in their native language
Internal Communications
Speak the same language as your employees when you announce company news, then listen to their feedback and questions – you’ll notice better retention, engagement and productivity.
Product videos
Test your market assumptions: try out new ideas, formats and channels in different languages – all at a lower cost, before scaling up
How does Neurodub work?
Neurodub is an AI-based video localization solution that goes beyond subtitles and provides voice-overs at low costs. Users can review and edit the resulting video themselves with a simple built-in editor or delegate to a professional: Neurodub’s innovative quality assurance method includes a final review of localized videos by human experts.The intricate process of localizing videos is handled by neural networks – they convert speech to text, remove filler words, identify the speakers, translate the script, convert text to speech using different voices and adjust timings of the translation, to achieve best result. In a matter of minutes, you get consistent, high-quality results. You can always edit your translation yourself or leave it to us – we’ll have it reviewed by a professional to bump up the accuracy to 99%.
Which languages can you translate videos from?
We can translate all kinds of videos from English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, and Italian into more than 70 languages: Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Hindi, Korean, Arabic, Irish, Greek, Thai, Latin, Urdu, Polish, Swahili, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Malay, Hebrew, Turkish and many others. If you cannot find the language you need, write to our support chat, and we’ll clarify the availability of different foreign languages.
How can I try Neurodub and how much does it cost?
We have two options: 1. The self-service tool available at our platform: https://neurodub.ai/videos Here you manage the whole process yourself, including editing the final result. Here we charge a rate of 1$ per minute for the fully-localized video, but you may first try it out before you buy - localize up to three of your own videos for free first first try it for free - and localize three video of yours 2. Our end-to-end solution with quality assurance Here you delegate all the work to us: just send us the video in any format, decide on the target languages - and we proceed with the localization. When it’s ready, we improve its quality with Human Touch solution: according to Neurodub’s carefully thought-through methodology, we ask the reviewers to check it and highlight subtleties in language and new terminology, including different dialects and cultural references - in order to make sure the final result works the best for your needs
Which formats are available for uploading a video?
You can translate any type of video you want. It can be a YouTube video, music video, or podcast video. The key thing is that you have to upload a link to this video on YouTube or Google Drive with open access, or an MP4 file up to 1 GB. You also can upload your own original subtitles if you have them, we support vtt format for subtitles.
Do you have an API?
Not right now, unfortunately. Please describe the specific cases and purposes you need an API for, and maybe we can find a way to help you.