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How Does One Blogger Replace an Entire Localization Team with Neurodub?
It's great when people all over the world become interested in science. And it's no fun at all when scientific knowledge is so hard to communicate.
Pobedinsky Physics is the 1.4-million-subscriber YouTube channel about, well, physics. But here’s the thing — Mr. Pobedinsky runs this channel on his own, from screenplay writing to editing.
I once had the experience of translating my videos into another language. I hired a translator and found a dub actor. But it didn't work out because I had to manage the entire process, communicate a lot with the translator, figure out how to do subtitles, find another actor…
In the end I only managed to upload a couple of videos and I gave up the idea of localization, because the process took too much time. With Neurodub it was a matter of minutes. The translation was done with 99% accuracy, the auto-translation was additionally checked by a human.
Dmitry Pobedinsky
Dmitry Pobedinsky
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